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New - Sevcon SC2000/Powerpak Calibrator Handset (OEM)



Sevcon handsets are not universal to all Sevcon family of controls. You must purchase and use the correct handset part number for the control type you are working on. These handsets monitor parameters such as battery volts, motor voltage & current, and temperature. They invoke the diagnostic test routines to check truck switches, accelerator, harnesses, etc. These handsets also read fault codes and service log history. Digital adjustments of features such as current limit, plugging, accelerator delay, creep speed, timers and lift speeds are also provided. 

Handset Includes:

  • Appropriate Cables

Please Note: Handsets purchased from FSIP cannot be returned for credit. Only after a unit has been deemed defective by FSIP, will a replacement unit be sent. Reference your vehicle manual to ensure this is the correct handset for your application. 

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