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DisChargePlus 36/48V 25/56/75A Battery Discharger



The economical choice for testing 36 & 48 volt battery packs! Battery energy is measured in total discharge minutes, obtained upon discharging a fully charged battery set. This standard is used by all major battery manufacturers of deep cycle marine, golf car, or floor scrubber type batteries. The discharger places a 25, 56 or 75 amp resistive load until a shut-off voltage of 1.75 volts per cell is reached. If the shut off voltage is not reached in a maximum of 400 minutes, the discharger will time out and shut off. 

  • Automatically stops discharge cycle based on minimum voltage reached, or time elapsed
  • 3 programmable discharge rates: 25A, 56A, or 75A
  • 200 amp clamps with 8 foot connection cables
  • Stores the previous 14 discharge cycles
  • No AC power required


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