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The Electric System Design team at FSIP specializes in providing products and engineering services to new or upgraded applications within the battery-electric vehicle and equipment markets. Using their extensive technical expertise, the System Design team can assist throughout the process of conception, prototyping, production, and continuous improvement and upgrades. We partner directly with the manufacturer to deliver customized motor and controller solutions that meet the highest quality and system requirements. To learn how FSIP can help with your business solutions, call 1-800-333-1194 or email integratedsystems@fsip.biz.


The System Design team specializes in a variety of industries, including golf, material handling, ground support, marine, mining, and more. Our team’s engineering expertise includes battery chargers, graphic displays, wire harness design and manufacturing, custom software, and a variety of motors, controllers, and contactors/solenoids. 


With a professional background in electric systems and components, the System Design team has the knowledge to help bring your vision to life. FSIP's skilled engineering team works directly with you through the conception process. Our team will ensure your project’s success from the beginning by offering a variety of product options, troubleshooting design concerns, and suggesting improvement opportunity.


With your specifications in mind and understanding the functionality of your vision, our team begins the design process. As the System Design team progresses through the components of your design, we communicate thoroughly to ensure your satisfaction at every step.


After the initial prototype/design process, our team will integrate the components into your equipment, troubleshoot, and extensively test under various conditions to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability. This cycle continues until your upgrade or new application has meet your specifications and satisfaction.

Case Studies

Tarform Luna: Helping to Power the Future of Tomorrow
Published: 2/16/2021

"The team at Flight Systems lived up to their name and helped us in getting the Tarform Electric Motorcycle to take our first flights.”
-Taras Kravtchouk, Founder & CEO

Learn how the ESD team rewired, rerouted, and reconfigured the Tarform Luna, a "new breed of electric motorcycle" made of completely recyclable material, to boost its power and efficiency.

Case Study